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Forms generation and validation

Class that generates HTML forms supporting:

– Multiple inputs may be interconnected in such way that client side events that occur on one input can trigger actions on the context of other inputs. Developers may use input interconnection support without writing Javascript code.
– Can be extended with new types of input controls plug-in classes.
– Custom input plug-in classes can be used to support for handling client site events on the server side without submitting the form or redrawing the whole form page. Refer Link for full code and details

PHP Asynchronous Command: Get commands output without waiting to finish

This class can get commands output without waiting to finish. It can execute external commands in asynchronously and can get their output using pipes on demand even before the commands have finished to execute.

The class can perform other operations like changing the current directory of the program, send data as input to the program, kill the program or send other signals. It supports executing commands either on Windows and Linux or other Unix environments using the pcntl extension.

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Google Webmaster Tools Adds Structured Data Dashboard & CNAME Verification


Structured data is a big part of Google’s search results and discovery process and to make it easier for webmasters to understand what structured data Google has indexed from your web site, Google introduced a new section under the “Optimization” section of Google Webmaster Tools named “Structured Data.”

Structured data will show you all the rich snippets markup and other structured data markups Google discovered for your site. Google breaks down the dashboard reporting by three levels including site level, item type level and page level.
1. On the site level Google aggregates data by root item type and vocabulary schema. Root item type means an item that is not an attribute of another on the same page.
2. On the item type level Google provides per-page details for each item type. Google will also provide specialized preview columns to show more item markup.
3.On the page level Google shows all attributes of every item type on the given page. Google also shows a link to the Rich Snippet testing tool for that specific page.

CNAME Record Verification:
Google has also added yet another way to verify your domain names with Google Webmaster Tools. The new way is to simply add a CNAME record to your DNS. Google said they added this method for those who “are not able to create DNS TXT records for their domains.”

Google Launches Analytics App for Android


Attention Android fans, Google has just launched a Google Analytics App for Android-enabled mobile phones.

The Google Analytics App for Android is a mobile app that delivers essential analytics data to you anytime, anywhere. In a meeting and need traffic or sales figures quickly? No more having to wait until you can access your desktop PC to see important stats – with the Analytics App, they are all now at your fingertips.

You can see real time statistics, customizable dashboards and intelligence reports directly on your phone with the Google Analytics App. It allows you to access the same accounts and profiles you see when you open Analytics from a desktop browser, but the reports are delivered in an optimized format for your phone.

The following *swipe through* reports are available:

Real-Time: See the number of visitors you currently have and a list of the pages (for websites) or screens (for apps) that are currently popular.

Dashboard: Monitor the KPIs and user metrics you care about the most. By default, you’ll see your Daily Unique Visitors and your Goal Conversion Rate, but you can customize the dashboard to change which reports, metrics, or segments you see.

Automatic and Customized Alerts: Google Analytics detects statistical anomalies in your data and can send you an alert when something unusual happens. See automatic alerts, or customize your settings to send alerts based on your own benchmarks.

The Google Analytics app is available from here and currently has an average user rating of 4 stars, based on over 400 reviews to date.

Add Custom Brush in Photoshop cs4

Photoshop creative studio has in built brush preset.  We can easily add our custom brush in cs version.

Step by step guide to add your own custom brush in Photoshop cs4.

1. Create a new file using 32 by 32 pixel and rgb mode.

2. Go to site search any icons in the size of 32 x 32, download it and save it into your system.

3. In photoshop import your downloaded icon, then go to Photoshop Edit menu click “”Define Brush Preset..” and name it.

4. Go to File menu, create a new file. Click Photoshop Tools->Brush and see the top bar. Photoshop has automatically put your own custom brush in preset.

Enjoy it.

(Towerfour Designer Team)

Starbucks and Mobile Payments

Recently, Starbucks, which considers itself as a  leader in mobile payment technology, made a $25 million into Square, which is a high tech start up that created a simple square device that plugs into a mobile phone enabling anyone to take a credit or debit card payment. The device, in itself, can change payments as we know it, allowing Square owners to use them for everything from yard sales to Craig’s List sales. Square’s software lets merchants accept electronic payments on their own hardware or through a device that plugs into a phone or tablet.

The Wall Street Journal, reported that Starbucks plans to use Square’s current service to enable customers to pay by mobile phone or by simply stating their name to the barista. This truly extends the Starbucks brand and help maintain its position as a leader in mobile payment transactions.

For many customers, Starbucks has always stood as a creative company offering creative offerings, but I believe this could only enhance a greater adoption of technologies in the mobile market space because of the growing demand from customers. It will certainly be interesting to see the trend in changes to mobile payment technologies.

TowerFour Solutions specializes in developing mobile applications for clients. Contact us today at info@towerfour.comto learn about our mobile application development capabilities for your business.

Four Simple Steps to Optimize Web Pages

Any developer can add meta tags to your web pages and call those pages “optimized.” However, to truly create an relevant optimized web page, you need to look past keywords and think more  in terms of the main themes and objectives for your website.

So, why themes? When a user enters a phrase into the Google search bar, it searches for subject-matter themes that closely match the user’s search phrase request, instead of than trying to match a single page with a single specific keyword.


Step 1: Sketch out your outline and business strategy
Before you implement keywords, identify your business strategy clearly. For example, ask “Who is the audience I am targeting?” and “What are my business goals?” Formulating answers to these questions will help lay down the foundation from which to build keywords.
Step 2: Gather all your keywords!
Engage in a brainstorming session and think of yourself as an user. What would a user type in the search function to find you? Write all the keywords and phrases down that come to mind and keep a list. Now compare your list to make it sure the words match your business strategy. You may want to refine the list by using Google’s Keyword Tool to review the popularity and competition of those keywords.
Step 3: Group keywords into themes or silos 
We can now dig deeper into what the site is all about. Group keywords into their main themes or content silos. Once you identify your main themes, divide each theme into four or five specific, niche content pages. The niche content pages represent keywords that are very specific, otherwise known as long-tail keywords.
Step 4. Create an relevant optimized web page
Now that you have identified the long-tail keyword for each of your niche content pages, you can optimize each page with meta tags and relevant content. The process of theme based keywords to create very focused content pages will dramatically improve the website’s clarity, allow you to rank both for broad and long-tail terms, and expand your audience reach.


Now – get’s get going.



Five things to do when Identifying a Web Hosting Company

Now that you’ve decided to redesign your site it’s time to consider whether your current web host company can meet your new requirements or if their service is less than great. There are so many available options that it can be daunting to narrow them down to make the selection. The obvious factors are simple: price and basic technical specifications. However, there are other critical features about a host that need to be determined.

Here is a list of 5 things to consider:

  1. Technical Support: Call technical support and see how available they are. If they have additional ways to contact them (such as IM, chat, email, etc). Have a standard question to ask each of your potential hosts and compare the answers you receive. You should also check the website for speed of page load.
  2. SSL certificate and Access: Ask the host how they handle applying an SSL certificate for secure pages. Ask about FTP access SSH, SFTP, or other methods for additional access.
  3. CMS: Find out if your host has experience running your CMS or platform and if they have experiences any issues and how they were solved.
  4. Firewall: Ask your host about your firewall options. There are hardware and software options to a firewall solution, and you will need one to protect your site. The firewall will limit access and can prevent major problems in the future.
  5. References: Ask the web host company to send you references of other websites running your CMS or platform.

This list will not answer all questions, but will help narrow down the host prospects and help you in choosing the best provider for your needs.

Did you know – TowerFour Solutions also provides web hosting services. Call or email today for a quote.

QR Codes

We’ve all seen the use of QR codes grow in the last couple of years on everything from resumes, business cards, newspaper ads, billboards, and even in food packaging. QR Codes can be a unique marketing vehicle when utilized creatively. With growing number of people using smartphones, it just makes sense to capture mobile technology and drive visitors to your site and track your marketing campaigns.

Needless to say, we at TowerFour have the QR code experts to help you use this resource in your marketing efforts. Call TowerFour Solutions today to learn more.

Seo Insights

Why Invest in a Professionally Designed Website for your Business?

You do what you best at what you do whether its running a small restaurant or a large corporation. But does your website truly leverage your brand? Perhaps your site was developed by a consultant, employee, neighbor or family member so you have more control over how it looks and functions but mostly so it will save you money.

Is it good enough to just create a website and put it on the Internet?  Successful Websites are developed from the ground up and is more than just pretty pictures placed on a screen. How a site is designed and coded can determine your search engine ranking, moving your guest to a call to action, or developing a relationship. All of these components need to be designed and developed to move your guest through your Website and ultimately to your goal.

Towerfour Solutions creates web-based resources designed to streamline business operations and help bring new customers, revenue and transform the way the internet is used or not used by your company.

A successful Website can make or break your business. It’s an investment just like the equipment you may purchase or the building you rent or the employees you hire. It is necessary and important, not optional and not something to be dabbled with. Your competition knows this. The are investing. Are you?

For more information on how we might be able to help you maximize your web presence contact us.