Five things to do when Identifying a Web Hosting Company

Five things to do when Identifying a Web Hosting Company

Now that you’ve decided to redesign your site it’s time to consider whether your current web host company can meet your new requirements or if their service is less than great. There are so many available options that it can be daunting to narrow them down to make the selection. The obvious factors are simple: price and basic technical specifications. However, there are other critical features about a host that need to be determined.

Here is a list of 5 things to consider:

  1. Technical Support: Call technical support and see how available they are. If they have additional ways to contact them (such as IM, chat, email, etc). Have a standard question to ask each of your potential hosts and compare the answers you receive. You should also check the website for speed of page load.
  2. SSL certificate and Access: Ask the host how they handle applying an SSL certificate for secure pages. Ask about FTP access SSH, SFTP, or other methods for additional access.
  3. CMS: Find out if your host has experience running your CMS or platform and if they have experiences any issues and how they were solved.
  4. Firewall: Ask your host about your firewall options. There are hardware and software options to a firewall solution, and you will need one to protect your site. The firewall will limit access and can prevent major problems in the future.
  5. References: Ask the web host company to send you references of other websites running your CMS or platform.

This list will not answer all questions, but will help narrow down the host prospects and help you in choosing the best provider for your needs.

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